What does the future of limousine service look like?

We are not the only ones who are grappling with this question – it affects the future of the limousine service sector. How will customers who book chauffeured vehicles nowadays plan their mobility in five, ten or twenty years?

The ideal start for a private city tour in Berlin

The ideal start for a private city tour in Berlin

As a Berlin-based tour guide, I always make sure to take my guests to Brandenburg Gate and explain its architecture, significance and history. The Brandenburg Gate is Berlin’s most famous landmark, comparable to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Big Ben in London or Rome‘s Colosseum.

Berlin for movie buffs – ProLimo’s top 20 Berlin movies

What do you do when you’re back home from a trip to Berlin but still haven’t gotten your fill of this city? We’ve compiled the ultimate list of movies that help you recover your 'Berlin feeling' at home. They are listed by release date.

Private Sightseeing mit Michail Gorbatschow

My Most Esteemed Passenger: Mikhail Gorbachev

Since 1990, I have experienced many exciting adventures while serving countless celebrities as a chauffeur and driver-guide in Berlin. A list of my clients during the past 26 years would resemble a "Who's Who" of politics, the business world and the showbiz.

Cruise Ships in Warnemünde port

A Shore Excursion from Warnemünde Cruise Port to Berlin

I love to take sophisticated clients on private sightseeing tours to Berlin, Potsdam or Dresden as their driver guide. But what I consider the very special highlights are definitely shore excursions to Berlin for Baltic Sea Cruise guests who are on a discovery tour. On