10 reasons to opt for chauffeur service in Berlin and Potsdam

There are many obvious reasons for chauffeur service in Berlin and Potsdam. We’ll give you the top ten reasons why you should rent ProLimo’s personal chauffeur services:


1. Comfort

Each executive sedan and each minivan is a luxury vehicle and thus spacious, air-conditioned and featuring a leather interior.


2. Efficiency

In the era of smartphones and synchronized calendars, it’s more important than ever to avoid wasting resources. You won’t have to waste any time having to look for a taxi or for a parking place for your rental vehicle. You can clear your mind for the things that only you can do.


3. Safety

Even before you set off, you will know in whose hands you will be: Prior to the ride, you will get your chauffeur’s name and cell phone number. As a licensed rental vehicle business, ProLimo‘s chauffeur service in Berlin is regularly subjected to reliability testing. Moreover, the health and reliability of our chauffeurs is checked at regular intervals.


4. Discretion

We offer a chauffeur service and thus discretion is a matter of course for us. All our chauffeurs have signed a confidentiality agreement. Should you require a separate non-disclosure agreement we will gladly provide you with one. For particularly security-sensitive clients we will turn off all cell phone and vehicle location services to make tracking impossible.


5. Service

Special requests by discerning clients require customized solutions. Your chauffeur in Berlin disposes of excellent manners, a sure instinct and consummate professionalism. He will react in a helpful and competent manner to all your needs. We hold ourselves to a high standard of service quality that is sure to exceed your expectations.


6. Communication in a foreign country

All our chauffeurs in Berlin speak German and English fluently. You can also request a driver with an additional foreign language. We would be pleased to provide language support in a foreign country while shopping or dining, for example.


7. Flexibility

Sometimes even the best planning has to be modified due to unforeseen circumstances. In times like these, flexibility is key. Should there be changes to your arrival time, the route or your schedule, we will ensure smooth coordination. We view your unusual wishes as a challenge to live up to.


8. Style

For some clients it is important to arrive at an unforgettable event in style. For others it’s their daily routine. To give a finishing touch to a presentation, for example, one of our business clients needs vehicle branding for the fleet. Finding solutions to the most diverse customer requirements is our day-to-day business.


9. Events

Choosing the right partner as well as good planning and coordination are prerequisites for a successful event. It ensures that guests will get through the event in a stress-free way. ProLimo’s event service with executive sedans, minivans and busses helps you get all the participants to the right place at the right time.


10. Complying with legal requirements, insurance

The ProLimo chauffeur service in Berlin meets all required statutory specifications with regard to commercial passenger transport. All the vehicles used are licensed for rental vehicle use pursuant to §49 of the Passenger Transportation Act (Germany), with coverage against material damages of 100 million euro and coverage against personal injury of 8 million euro per injured person. The drivers that we deploy all have the obligatory passenger transportation certification.

Chauffeur opens the door of a ProLimo sedan
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