Why a taxi in Berlin is not always the best alternative.

A taxi in Berlin is not always the best mode of transportation from A to B. Professional limousine service offers a good alternative. For many people – whether on a business trip or urban holiday – chauffeur-driven limousines have a reputation for being expensive, elitist and too conspicuous. A taxi can easily be ordered or hailed, which makes it very flexible. This may be true but have you ever waited in a long line at a taxi stand while a major trade fair is in town? Or at Berlin‘s Tegel Airport (TXL)? Have you ever waited in vain for a taxi in front of your hotel to take you to a business meeting or appointment? If you have, you no doubt also felt a bit of envy on seeing how smooth things went with the black limousines and their drivers.

Taxichaos at the Airport Berlin Tegel

In Berlin there are lots of taxis. But problems are inevitable when very many people at a certain location need fast and flexible transportation. This can be at airports during periods of peak activity, during the morning and evening rush-hour from your inner city hotel to the trade fair grounds and back. The same applies for the end of a concert, opera or major sporting event.


Passengers, unfortunately, can also have less than ideal experiences with taxis. They can come across drivers who don’t speak any English or other foreign languages and those who take a circuitous route rather than the shortest and least expensive way. Others only accept cash payment even though they are legally bound to accept EC or credit cards. Some taxis are not really clean and properly maintained. In some cases, taxi drivers approach potential passenger right as they leave the terminal and offer rides at a (vastly inflated!) fixed price. There have been instances of taxi drivers in Berlin who were convicted for charging 260 euro (instead of ca. 25 euro) for a trip from Tegel Airport to Hotel Adlon and also got this fare after making threats.


ProLimo limousine and transfer service, on the other hand, operates under a very high ethical standard and, in terms of service, is comparable to a Michelin-starred restaurant. This is in contrast to some taxis whose service compares to that of a fast food chain. The effort expended for our chauffeur service is incomparably greater: Our vehicles are always clean and in top condition, the drivers speak German and English as a minimum; they are experienced, well trained and have been carefully vetted. Moreover, they are polished and courteous with a wealth of tips for excellent restaurants, bars and sights at their disposal.


But what is perhaps most important: A ProLimo chauffeur is there for you exclusively! He will be at the designated pick-up location prior to the agreed time and will send a message to your Smartphone. You can call back should you encounter a problem. He will be awaiting for you with a sign that bears your name and he will welcome you warmly. All you have to do is sit back and relax, knowing that you will get to your appointment punctually.


Obviously, you don’t want to have fast food every day. Thus, for the more important moments, our limousine service can be an alternative to a taxi in Berlin.

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