How latest technology saves money for our passengers during airport transfers

Once again today, I noticed just how important it is to always use the newest technology in running a professional limousine service. Before I make my way to the airport to pick up a passenger, I always take a look at the airport website, or the airport app, to find out which gate my guest will be arriving at and to check whether the flight is on time, early or late.


No changes for the arrival time for the flight from Lyon were displayed there and thus, I would have had to head out to Schönefeld Airport without delay to be on time. To be on the safe side, however, I also have a look at the best flight tracker app currently available, Flightradar24, which shows me exactly where the plane is located. That’s where I saw that the plane had not even taken off yet. I then kept checking the app until the plane was airborne and the expected arrival time was announced.


Had I relied on the airport information, I would have had to charge my passenger for part of the waiting time at the airport. Modern technology, however, made that unnecessary.

Flight EZY 4371 Delayed
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